"I tried doing Pilates at home a few times and didn't enjoy it. Then I took classes with April and she made it easy to follow, challenging & fun. I know when I go to a class with April that I'll feel 100 times better and two inches taller after she works my body out. If you are looking for a great all over body workout and a teacher that you can relate to and love, then you have come to the right place."

--Jaci (Pilates Mat)

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Jackie’s class.  She was thorough and attentive in her coaching and observation of our form.  We were three novices and she made us feel very welcome. Jackie’s stretch regimen actually made my knees feel so much better."

​--Ulrike (Stretch and Strength)

"I really enjoyed class and can't wait to try more!"

--Jillian (Ballet)

"Just wanted to say thank you for my private lesson today! :) You've gone above and beyond to make sure that I feel welcome and at ease at MoveStudio Charlotte, and I really appreciate that! You do a fantastic job, and, as much as I LOVED my pilates classes before - there were always 30 people in the room and I never had the personal attention that I get from you!"

--Lisa (Pilates)

"Thank YOU for an amazing class!! I feel it this AM.  You really are an awesome teacher!"

--Missy (Pilates)

"April helped my husband and I get ready for our first dance as a married couple, between the two of us we have four left feet, so that was no small accomplishment! We sought out her help with nothing but a song in mind. Not wanting a complex dance routine to stress us out, April helped us learn a few "moves" to weave together so we didn't just sway in circles. With a little practice, we twirled on the dance floor with confidence in front of our family and friends. We enjoyed our first dance as husband and wife feeling comfortable and classy."
--Katie (Ballroom)

"I just wanted to let you know the wedding was great. I was able to dance with my son with the confidence you gave me. Mike and I danced as well and had a great time. Everyone watch as he was twirling me around. It was great."

--Terri  (Ballroom)