*All drop-in group classes, private lessons and duet lessons have a one year expiration.

"I love love this place. They are affordable and really work with you in the classes. I just had my second baby, so I'm not in shape, at all. However, the owner and teacher of the Pilates/Yoga class is willing to tailor some of the positions for me, post delivery. Super accommodating."



MoveStudio Monthly Membership

MoveStudio offers an unbeatable membership package! A MoveStudio Monthly Membership entitles members to unlimited group classes, 10% off retail purchases, private and semi-private lessons and workshops, plus seasonal loyalty perks. If you take more than seven classes a month at MoveStudio, this is the way to go... the cost per class will beat that of any of our other multi-class packages. You commit to 12 months of membership. Going on vacation? Having a baby? Crazy, busy work schedule one month? No problem - you have the option to freeze your membership if needed, and can still drop in on classes during your membership freeze.

$10 GROUP Classes


Each month MoveStudio offers several classes for only $10!  Price of class is indicated upon registration.

Drop-in Group Classes

Single Class: $15

5 Class Pass: $65
10 Class Pass: $120
20 Class Pass: $200
Unlimited Monthly Pass: $85 (31 days, begins on the first day you use your pass)

Private Lessons

Single Lesson: $60

5 Private Lessons: $285
10 Private Lessons: $540
20 Private Lessons: $1020

Duet Lessons

Single Lesson: $40 per person

5 Duets: $190
10 Duets: $360 per person
20 Duets: $680 per person

New Student Introductory Package 

$25 for 3 group classes

This package is for those new to MoveStudio who have never purchased a multi-class package before. It's the perfect way to sample our classes before deciding which classes and teachers are right for you! If you have taken a free class or purchased a single class or classes, you are welcome to start here. All classes must be used within 14 days after the first day of use.