youth class descriptions

Students develop strength, coordination and flexibility while learning age and level appropriate acrobatic exercises on the mat (stretches, rolls, bridges, cartwheels, splits, walkovers, handsprings, etc.). Each child receives individual instruction and progresses at his/her own pace.  Sequences and dance choreography incorporate acrobatics skills and teach students group dynamics.

Young dancers learn the fundamentals of ballet, while practicing barre work, across the floor combinations, and center choreography. Instructors emphasize proper body alignment while teaching positions of the feet, arms and body, and ballet terminology.  As we believe that ballet is the basis of all dance, we incorporate ballet technique into every dance class.   

Creative Movement
Young movers explore shapes, tempo, sizes, and locomotion, while developing gross motor skills and coordination.  Games, music and fun props are incorporated into every class.

An introduction to hip hop dance, exploring rhythm, musicality, basic footwork, and simple choreography.  A high-energy class for your little mover!

With a focus on body alignment and technique, our modern jazz dance classes incorporate a variety of styles, including lyrical, broadway, and contemporary (with no suggestive movements).  Dancers will practice fun choreography, leaps, and turns while developing core strength and flexibility.

Partner Dance

Students will learn the fundamentals of partner dance, including lead and folllow technique, basic footwork, turns, dips and proper social dance etiquette.  Dancers develop rhythm, musicality, and confidence on and off the dance floor!  Sample styles include swing, salsa, and waltz.

Tap footwork and choreography are designed to teach dancers rhythm, musicality, speed of movement and coordination while building flexibility and strength of the feet, ankles and legs.

Tutwos and Threes

Our tiniest dancers gain an introduction to ballet in a supportive, creative, and fun learning environment. Through basic ballet exercises, creative movement, games, and music, baby ballerinas develop cognitive skills and a joy for dance!